Crystals for Oneness: Lemurian Seed Crystals

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Characterized by their shape resembling pointed fingers, frosted appearance and their horizontal striations across at least one side, Lemurian Seed Crystals remind us that we came through Lemuria. This was an ancient time upon the Earth preceding Atlantis when we lived in harmony, love and peace. At first, we were not fully densified into form; we were seeded crystalline beings still in communication with the Divine. These crystals have been unearthed for us at this time of transformation to help us realize our return to our crystalline essence and Oneness, i.e. our ascension on the planet.

Lemurian Seed Crystals, often with a pink hue, hold a laser-like power that was used in healing and for focusing energies, not only for the physical body but to crystalline structures of all kinds. In fact these crystals may be used for psychic surgery, self-empowerment, protection and to bring you to a heightened level of consciousness. They also help increase your psychic awareness. They connect us to those beings of light, the Christed Ones, who are assisting us from the higher realms. Their brilliance helps us to release our negative aspects of being and to harness energies to assist our growth and evolution.

You cannot help but be drawn to their unique horizontal striations etched into the quartz of varying levels of clarity and hue. Some faces may have raised or etched triangles (record keepers) that offer us an opportunity to access Lemurian programs programmed from Lemuria. They all assist our potential of reaching the fullness of who we are on the spiritual plane. We may also access the energies not only of our higher self but also of those beings who await their re-emergence onto Mother Earth, i.e. the Telosians, the ancient Ones living beneath Mt. Shasta with Master Adama, their High Priest. These underground beings are a seed remnant from Lemurian times who, like the Seed Crystals themselves, connect us to We Consciousness and Unconditional Love.

These crystals point us to a way of being far beyond human three-dimensional existence. They remind us how we were seeded onto Mother Earth, carrying our initial intention into our positioning upon the Earth. It is to these high frequencies of divine love to which we are returning at this time of the rebirth of Mother Earth within the Universe and our shared Ascension. All is in divine timing. Their coming to light now is no accident.

Thus your presence upon the Earth can be greatly enhanced by the use of these seed crystals. During meditation you may be guided to remember your coming from the stars to the planet at that time and if you will allow, ancient wisdom may be made available to you. My recommended use of Lemurian Seed Crystals has been to create sacred space, to cut away old energies, to clear and clean the aura, to cut cords and to use them as an extension of my own energy. They can help us cut away the clutter and cloudiness that lies between you and your crystalline heritage as a being of light. We never point these crystalline fingers at others, rather we turn the energies inward within our own being, encircling our own energies from head to toe, clearing out the old accumulated patterns of what no longer serves. These powerful crystals are here to amplify the raising of our vibration and our connection to the Divine through Unconditional and Universal Love. Trust in the crystal’s ability to point you in the right direction! Allow a Lemurian Seed Crystal to enhance your journey to discover your own Divinity and to reconnect you to your heritage as a crystalline being of light.

April, 2017.

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