Alison L. JamesMystic Crystal Revelations

The soft, pale pink ray of Danburite is a great aid to your meditations, healing and transformation. Working gently with the heart, Danburite is a soother of stress and any sense of unworthiness. It ushers in a sense of self-acceptance and calm and that all is right with the world. Unlike the hexagonal structure of quartz, Danburite is orthorhombic and generally four-sided. Its name comes from Danbury in Connecticut where it was discovered although it is found in other locations around the world. It works with the heart up to the crown chakra and then the angelic realms and beyond. It holds a sweetness to enable communication and resonance with Divine Love as well as to fine-tune the physical body with higher vibrations.  While it is also found in yellow, white, grey and clear, the pink variety and its sparkling presence bring a particular joy to the holder.