Deep Calleth Unto Deep

Alison L. JamesPoetry

Your day begins in darkness,
Where your thoughts are still but dreams
Buried deep in your subconscious,
Earth’s reality is not what it seems.

Ideas, creativity, imagination
Are given you to be won,
To be manifested in reality,
To join you and the Universe as One.

So dream all dreams awake,
Meditate thereon night and day,
Walk in victory in each one,
As if there’s no other way.

Spirit moves on the face of your deep,
To speak Truth to your soul,
To separate knowledge and ignorance,
To help you reach your goal.

Beloveds, harken to Spirit’s call
As it moves within your deep,
Your darkest hour is your brightest hope
And it all begins in sleep.

Copyright © 2003 Alison L. James.