Dendritic Crystals: A Walk in the Woods

Alison JamesMystic Crystal Revelations

How often do we have the opportunity to enter a deep dark forest, where pine tree cones and twigs crack underfoot and the smell of the earth and soft damp moss greet us at every twist and turn? For me, the coolness of dark green Aventurine evokes that same pacifying effect, just as dendritic crystals of quartz, amber and agate may hold a small piece of fossilized plant within them to connect you to Mother Nature. Petrified wood may be millions of years old and may connect you to ancient times on our planet.

Upon close inspection, we may see bubbles of air or water, or a red flash of fiery opalescence contained within a crystal and the essence of the elements are signaling their presence. Dendritic crystals have a unique beauty and a connection to nature.

A Dendritic crystal can transport you to a place in nature that you may have visited and perhaps provides a sense memory for you to draw upon. It can ground and connect you to Mother Earth. Take a piece with you on your next nature walk.

Oh Tannenbaum, Oh Tannenbaum
Wie schon sind deine Blatter,

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree,
How beautiful your leaves are.

Mother Nature is calling us to be present with her. The Christmas trees she has nurtured are a beautiful reminder that we too stand between heaven and earth.

December, 2013.