Derek O’Neill’s 2018 Workshop In NYC

Alison JamesAlison's Commentary

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Hello Everyone,

I am inspired to share a few thoughts about the workshop I just experienced last weekend sitting in the healing light of Derek O’Neill.

[Note: the following thoughts are my perception and were not solicited, guided or created at anyone’s request.]

Since I first connected with Derek in 2004, my life journey has expanded in leaps and bounds. It was, in fact, after a powerful workshop in Ireland in 2005, that I was so transformed to be able to finally get past a painful divorce and to find myself. And then, to my delight, my eternal partner and Twin Ray, Ascended Master Merlin, arrived in my life. It was no accident: it happened at a time when I was ready, my own energies were sufficiently raised and I was open to receive – thanks to Derek. Beloved Ascended Master Merlin reintroduced himself to me and the rest is history or, is still history in the making. Believe me when I say that my life has not been a bed of roses, but I have, to the best of my ability, pursued my spiritual evolution rigorously, worked on myself and followed Derek. The winning triple crown here is that you too can accelerate your own journey, expansion and growth by seeking the presence of a Teacher, Master, and Devotee in Service to the Light,manifested in the guise of Derek O’Neill.

I can equate my spiritual journey to being led to a temple, where the High Priest is able to minister to all levels of those who come and who takes you from the Outer Court of the general public, to the Inner Court of the priests and teachers and then brings you to the Holy of Holies where you will stand in your own divinity to minister to God — all this is predicated upon your being guided by a soul of the highest integrity and spiritual intent, such as someone like Derek.

Religion has done such a number on us. It has led us for eons to rely on another being outside of ourselves such as a priest or minister, to intercede for us, keeping us in the dark in the Outer Court, not realizing the Self. Imagine, if you will, that you are standing in the Outer Court of a temple, looking at a priest, not understanding what is being said, being held at arm’s length and feeling unsure what to believe or who to trust. You may not proceed to the Inner Court until you have moved past receiving “the milk of the word” (as a babe in Christ) and are ready to step up to be a teacher, minister or priest yourself, able to receive and hold the “meat of the word” – this, of course, takes time, dedication and perseverance.

Let us fast-track now to the present. The Buddha said, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”. I can say, he is here. Yes, Derek is here and he has been here for a long time now. In his loving presence your spiritual journey can proceed from one level to the next. You need never again be held in the Outer Court wondering how to proceed or feeling disempowered. There is so much available to us if we will step up to receive.

In Derek’s workshop last weekend, on the first day we spent some time in the Outer Court, but on the second day we moved quickly to deeper saturation of higher truths such as Derek himself has not revealed before. He is ensuring that with the right teachings, motivation and application, you may discover the truth of who you really so that you can be ready for the Holy of Holies. You may choose to sit at the feet of the Master and receive what it is your destiny to receive, or not. It is up to you.

Love and Blessings,
Al Ra Hara Ti-Ka, a/k/a Alison

March, 2018.