Desert Rose Gypsum

Alison JamesMystic Crystal Revelations

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Desert Rose Gypsum is a form of selenite that grows between rocks and crevices in a bladed, flower-shaped formation.  It is white with light brown specks of sand that highlight its contours.  Like the lotus emerging from the mud, the Desert Rose is a wondrous and surprising find in the desert.  Like other forms of gypsum, it will disintegrate in water.  Cleansing must be accomplished with intention and incense.

The inclusions and dusting of sand give the Desert Rose a gentle grounding effect but it maintains its light and bright presence.  It is a wonderful stone for meditation to ground the light while encompassing the power to assist creativity and manifestation.  Its intricate structure is an indication that it can help us deal with more complex issues when we are making decisions and considering new opportunities.  It will help us unfold within and trust the journey ahead.  It assists with new beginnings and getting projects started.

Like a petaled flower in bloom, it encourages us to not be shy, but to follow our hearts in the way we should go.  Desert Rose is a beautiful gift for the forward thinker.

October, 2018.