Diamonds and Rubies

Alison JamesMystic Crystal Revelations

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Diamonds and Rubies are as much revered today as in history. Royalty mostly has had the good fortune to be able to incorporate these precious gems into their lives, but they are readily available today at more accessible prices for everyone.

Diamonds, with their brilliant light and radiation have the ability to enhance any other stone they are placed with, but on their own they are like a laser light of focus. Their physical hardness comes from carbon (not quartz) and thus their longevity has always been associated with enduring love. Diamonds assist you to find your own brilliance and to stand strong in your centeredness. They bring clarity to the mind, to relationships and the issues of your life. They are a stone of abundance and prosperity. Diamonds bring you to your Sovereignty, and help to raise your vibration. If you so intend, they will assist your connection to your Higher Self.

Rubies, with their warm pink/red tones, are heart strengtheners and healers. They are the stone of passion and protection. Rubies assist you to step out of your comfort zone and try something new by bringing you a sense of confidence and a belief in the self. Rubies help you to find courage in your heart and to love yourself.

This combination, therefore, of Diamonds and Rubies, is a stellar gift to us. They are gemstone wayshowers for this upcoming and life-changing year of self-mastery.

January 11, 2018.