Dioptase, the Stone of Forgiveness

Alison JamesMystic Crystal Revelations

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The blue/green hues of Dioptase hold the vibration of forgiveness and humanity is ready to receive it on a global scale. Green for the heart and blue for the throat, a magnificent merger that works with your love and power centers so that you may speak your truth as well as from your heart. The alignment between these two chakras is a two-way street: loving yourself brings you to your true expression of self, and speaking your truth emboldens your heart to be authentic.

Dioptase assists you to love yourself, i.e. across all aspects of being and lifetimes of experience. Its cubic structure reminds us that such geometry and conciousness is achievable on Earth. Dioptase’s beauty and radiance and its relative rarity together make it a stone to be cherished. Similarly the practice of self-forgiveness is a practice to be aspired to and mastered.

Dioptase is a marvellous adjunct for meditation and crystal therapy application on the heart and upper heart. A “must have” on your path to sovereignty and ascension.

March, 2014.