Dolphin Tale – A Movie Review

Alison JamesAlison's Commentary

This is no fisherman’s tale; it is based on the true story of Winter, a dolphin whose tail is caught in a crab trap and is rescued and befriended by an 11 year old boy in Clearwater, Florida. This story and ensuing circumstances burn a brilliant light of compassion, hope and love for both man and mammal and their inter-connectedness in this movie.

 From a limited human perspective, we may believe that our interaction with the animal kingdom is a one-way street. However, in this beautiful story we witness how we are the beneficiaries of the love and perseverance of Winter the dolphin.  The courage and trust exhibited by her as she learns to overcome suffering and the loss of her tail fin, and to wear a prosthetic, is quite extraordinary.

This story also illustrates well how by uniting and working towards shared goals – that of saving Winter and Clearwater Marine Aquarium – adversity and fear can be replaced by hope and achievement.  When faith is put into operation, there is no limit to outcome:  money is raised, a sponsor is attracted and the love and inspiration is able to reach others from which they will benefit too.  You can expect your heart to burst open during this movie – so take more than a handful of tissues with you.