Dream Big

Alison JamesMaster Merlin Speaks


As this year draws closer to its end, know that you are in the right place at the right time to maintain the momentous upsurge of energies manifesting on Earth as humanity steps into the 5th dimensional paradigm of Unconditional Love. Your presence, your energies, your thoughts and your dreams for the future are all an intimate part of the formation of the New Golden Age which is coming forth NOW. This collective and evolving energy and consciousness is like a boulder in the Universe that is rolling and gaining momentum and strength for the benefit of the forces of Mother Earth and for all her life forms.

Indeed, a latticework of energies is building and increasing to maintain Mother Earth’s resonance as she aligns ever more directly with the Galactic Center of the Milky Way. Other life streams within the Universe are witnessing and supporting your rebirth into the consciousness which is yours by right and destiny. Your own blueprint of energies is realigning with joy to the codes and energies being held for you in the Universe. As above, so below. Fear not!

So dream BIG! And follow your dream.You are laying the groundwork that will undergird your shared lives in the future. Never before have you had this extraordinary opportunity to be all you have dreamed of in your many, many incarnations. You are the Lightbearers and the Lightworkers of Love who hold the world in the palm of your hand and at the very core of your being, in your heart. Acknowledge yourself and your journey, how far you have come and give thanks for all that lies on the inside of you. Your lives going forward will be a source of wonder and gratitude on that day of victory when YOU realize your divinity, your wizardry and the part you are playing in the birth of Oneness on Mother Earth.

I AM your Obedient Servant,
Master Merlin

November, 2012.