Easter and Earth’s Redemptive Program

Alison L. JamesAlison's Commentary

Planetary Wobbles

Hello Everyone,

Life on Earth is cyclical and this is a blessing. We can look forward to recurring seasons and patterns that we can observe and be reassured by. As the Easter celebration of Spring approaches in our given year, we know it will be followed by the Summer Solstice, the Fall Equinox, the Winter Solstice and seasonal celebrations as the planets move within our solar system and the heavens. Depending upon where you are located and your culture, every year presents events that you anticipate, including national holidays, birthdays and family celebrations. Yet within this predictability, there is always the possibility for personal change and time to implement new patterns for yourself. Small shifts and changes in your personal world can have far broader effects in your life than you may anticipate. By opening up to new ideas and perspectives as you are prompted, new patterns of thinking or behavior can soon shift into regular habits (taking 21 days usually) and your vista and potential expands. That is the way of the Divine Plan of the Universe for you.

Our beautiful blue planet is a prime example of this process. The Chandler Wobble, as represented above, illustrates how our planet, held within its regular orbit, rotates at the poles bringing variation to our atmospheric effects, weather patterns and ocean movements. Predicted by Isaac Newton, the identified Chandler wobble or Chandler variation of latitude is a small deviation in the Earth’s axis of rotation relative to the solid earth which was discovered by and named after American astronomer Seth Carlo Chandler in 1891. While this wobble affects GPS, celestial navigation and the length of any given day, we may not notice this at a given moment, but with hindsight we can witness the overall effects. The energies below, upon, around and above the Earth, together with energies streaming to us from the heavens and through the Ascended Masters (syncretism) are supporting our ultimate transfiguration, our Ascension process within Earth’s Redemptive program. Energies, frequencies and structures beyond our visual confirmation are in place for us.

By reviewing the past we can learn not to repeat past errors and omissions unless, of course, you wish to repeat the past. It depends on where your consciousness is at any given point. Presently, while Putin of Russia is locked into repeating the wars of the past and devastating the lives of millions of people without conscience, other nations and people around the globe are united in their response to his atrocities. We surely are receiving once more the lessons of how egregious ego and greed can affect us all on a global scale. Karma is made by man, not by God.

Thus, Trust and Faith are critical tenets for us at this time, to know that there will be a beneficial outcome for us all as we emerge from the pandemic and the crimes against the Ukraine. We must know in our hearts that the Divine Plan is at work for our benefit. It is an incredible blessing that the celebration of Easter is almost upon us once again. In my thinking, Jesus did not come to take upon himself the sins of the world. He could not interfere with the will of man any more than the Ascended Masters can interfere with ours today. Through the Resurrection Jesus showed us directly that we too can follow the path of redemption and ascend into our lightbody, if we so choose. His life example and teachings provide (along with so many other masters) how we can raise our vibration and accelerate the ascension process for the planet, humanity and ourselves. Can we not, after 2,000 years, learn from the past and implement better ways of living and overcome the erroneous thinking of the past? We each have to play our part and proactively pursue our spiritual evolution for the benefit of the whole (the Collective). No-one else can do this for us. We ARE the Second Coming of the Christ whose loving presence works through us, for us and as us.

Thereto, let us be proactive for ourselves and the planet and participate in the Redemptive program for planet Earth within the Divine Plan. We are being lovingly supported in this process. I invite you to join my ongoing class of working with the Masters and the Seven Rays and Flames (see below). It is easy to be complacent but so rewarding to follow your promptings to be, do and have all that you are destined to be, do and have and to work towards fulfilling your potential. An incredible smorgasbord of opportunity awaits you.

Happy Easter to you,
Love and Blessings,
a/k/a Al Ra Hara Ti-Ka