Embrace the Changes

Alison L. JamesMaster Merlin Speaks

I would like to tell you all that as the seasons change, so does your perspective. Nothing ever remains the same, change is constant. I have spoken through my Twin Ray, Alison, to many of you to help you with your lives and ever-changing perspectives. Now is the time to remember that all is well, exactly as it is. However you find yourself, whatever you are going through, I am here to say that your journey is exactly that, your journey. It is always unfolding, It never is the destination. You are the destination, forever unfolding from within yourself to become evermore the truth of yourself. There is no time or place that you are not. The Universe rests within you and the more you perceive, the more it unfolds from within yourself. Change does not come at a specific pace. It comes as you allow circumstances and indeed yourself to change. It does not mean that there are no challenges with change, on the contrary there are many levels of transition to be worked through. But the end result is that there is no end result. There is perpetual growth and expansion for all life forms within the Universe. All beings undergo transition. Even in Spirit there is more of God to experience. Life on Earth is a gift. Love the life you have, embrace the changes and know it’s all perfect at any given point in time.

Love and Light to You All,

Your Obedient Servant, Master Merlin