Alison L. JamesPoetry

Come away, My Beloved,
Step onto a different shore
Where love and joy overtake you,
Rest in peace, as you did before.

Feel the presence of the Master
Always by your side,
His love forever overfills you,
He is the eternal guide.

Emerge from the tunnel darkness,
Move toward the beckoning light,
Return to the other dimensions,
Love will buoy your flight.

Fear not the unknown,
With love you will endure,
Trust in the Father’s Divine Plan,
Your steps are marked from yore.

Step deep into the river
Living waters ebb and flow,
Breathe in the healing power
Let Christ consciousness grow.

See the rainbow water,
In its light you will not drown,
Submerge and cleanse your mind,
Emerge and share the crown.

Hear the chanting voices,
Sing praises across the tide
That permeate the waves
And fill your heart inside.

Travel with the helpers
To where pain is felt no more,
Where pure love and joy abound
And spiritual truth is law.

The helpers’ gossamer clothing
Sparkles and shimmers like silk,
Light and love are interwoven
In this fabric of a different ilk.

A world of new colors greets you,
Beautiful landscapes, gardens and trees,
Extraordinary mansions and buildings
Golden Cities such as these.

Exquisite flowers that are eternal,
Emit love like Cupid’s dart,
Feel God’s in-breath and out-breath,
As they reach right to your heart.

Review your earth life story,
Revisit the choices you made,
See the pain you caused,
In the open are your motives laid.

The Master will gently help you
As your review may cause you grief,
Not He but you will judge yourself,
Trust in God now, strengthen your belief.

Act now, beloved ancient ones,
Steer with love your life’s course,
Seek the presence of the Master
And the righteousness of Source.

Sleep not, awaken your conscious mind,
Be still and listen for His voice,
For by Grace you are created for His glory
You are God’s eternal choice.