Expansion: Moving Beyond 3D Limitations

Alison L. JamesAlison's Commentary

Hello Everyone,

I trust this finds you well and looking forward to our shared emergence from the ongoing pandemic trials and tribulations. I have recently moved (twice) and it has taken all my strength and focus to set myself up for a new and expanded future life. Thus my “radio silence”, while unintentional, has been a necessary part of my own expansion and reset.

Our evolution on Earth calls us to move at our own individual rate within the collective. Until now, we have learned to work in a three-dimensional material world. We learned in the 1st dimension that one thing leads to another; that is the way the world functions, indeed so does the universe itself. In the 2nd, new beginnings are stimulated into being; they always follow. In the 3rd, things are mirrored back to self slowly within space and time. This is a magnification process that occurs for us to witness how things are made. It entails a breakdown of sorts so that we can understand how things are made up. In the past, when we evolved to become farmers, no longer hunters and gatherers, we found ways to maintain our lives with greater efficiency. The industrial evolution took this another step further and of course, modern technology and science continue this process for us today.

But beyond the influence of the physical world and the structures that we engage with, there are also levels of consciousness, spirituality and the dimensions of the universe that play a major part in our evolution and growth. The rate at which each one of us evolves is an individual process and is not for our judgment. For example, those who derive pleasure from killing animals in the name of sport, who are still engaged in the “thrill of the kill”, embody an old and lower consciousness that many have learned from and gone past. Within the growth and manifestation of consciousness, our soul witnesses and learns at the rate that works for us. We call our own experiences forth. What is it that moves us to evolve?

Within the Divine Plan exist forces that will shift us to our next level. The Divine Plan of Source is a process, not a destination point. The Law of Expansion states that in the universe the energy of one thing will evolve to the fullest point of one level and then will be transformed into the next level, i.e. something else. This applies as much to the stars and planets as equally to us. In terms of consciousness, it is up to us whether we allow ourselves to evolve. To this end the emotions play a powerful part along with our thinking. In the 4th dimension, whether consciously, or unconsciously during sleep, we experience how our emotions affect us and we go with the flow although we may choose otherwise. While awake, we can choose to continually feel their effects and stay limited by these emotions, or we can mindfully explore what their triggers are, examine what they mean for us and move past them.

In the 5th dimension of Unconditional Love, we learn to understand more about structure: geometric shapes, crystalline structures and color. This is where we can better understand the blueprint of our soul, or being, and see how it can manifest in structures of all kinds. Here we can begin to unravel the limiting beliefs that hold us in patterns of the past that no longer serve us. In the 5th, we can also develop a greater sense of the ideal world, the 6th dimension, where we would like to live, and  we can choose to help it evolve. Knowing the “ideal” helps us to create it in the 6th dimension. To this end we can emulate the teachings of the masters. To return to old paradigms is to resist new ideals. True creativity has an overarching view of what you don’t want as much as what you do want. It is more conscious. Thus true creativity is represented by the 7th dimension, a pivotal point of moving through to the higher levels of consciousness.

There is a connectedness, flow and awareness within all the dimensions, including, of course, those that go beyond the 7th. They do not work separately. We can become keenly aware of the greater spiritual world at large, beyond our earthly constructs. My purpose here is to share how one’s entire being can be propelled beyond physical limitation, belief and past experience of the 3rd dimension. This has been my experience, both conscious and unconscious, particularly over the last 9 months of my life. Expansion is always possible, even during a time of perceived constriction. I discovered that I had reached a point in my life where it was necessary to either “stick or twist”. Opportunity and available time to move forward coincided through my new work schedule created by the pandemic. One cannot anticipate how and when things will come together. It is God’s timing, or put another way, it is the Divine Plan at work and my god-self went with the flow. With hindsight, I can say that my human job was to keep pursuing my dream until it was reflected back to me. It is as if I was being carried along on the crest of a wave, yet it required my full cooperation, thinking and effort. The timing was right and fortuitous. I cannot say it was easy; it was, in fact, very challenging. Yet my soul knew I had to follow this path beyond any fear, negative thinking or questioning. I am blessed and grateful for having this opportunity to go through this new experience.

If Merlin and I can help you shift in any way, please reach out to me.

Love and Blessings to You,
a/k/a Al Ra Hara Ti-Ka