F-L-Y: First Love Yourself

Alison JamesMaster Merlin Speaks



If you wish to “F-L-Y”, First Love Yourself.

Love is a self-fulfilling prophecy. The more you give love, the more you receive love. The more you are love, the more love you become. The more you radiate love, the more love returns back to you — as illustrated above in the universal geometric form of the torus, the donut-shaped energy field that breathes and exhales and recycles all that you are.

Time spent by yourself and for yourself is to regenerate your energies and awareness of who you truly are. This is a necessary process for your well-being and evolution. Sifting through what resonates with you and what does not, what is passing through you and what is sticking to you will reveal where you must love yourself more. Allowing yourself to be loved by others, and loving yourself, keeps the regenerative process at work. Love is the emotion with motion, circulating within and without you. Stagnation brings decay and regression.

At this Christmas time of giving and sharing, the flow of love may seem more easily accessible to many of you for you have raised your vibration, opened your hearts and expanded your energetic influence in greater and greater ways. Learning to serve others increases your capacity to give love, receive love and to be love, as demonstrated so remarkably by so many Lightbeings in Earth’s history. No-one is immune to love.

Allow the exchange and regeneration of energies to flow in and out. Forgive yourself and others and let go of the past. Call upon the God-given Violet Flame to assist you. You may also call upon myself and the Ascended Masters. The year 2016 ahead promises to be a highly charged environment conducive to achieving your goals and dreams. Whatever you wish to attract to yourself going forward, breathe it in and circulate it out into manifestation. Love your God-given dream and recognize your self-worthiness. No one soul is more important than another.

Realize that everything that is circulating in your world is there because you love it. If need be, change your heart and mind, and refocus your heart and your attention. Honor yourself and your experience of yourself. Love yourself first and acknowledge your Great Love within, your Divinity. If you wish to “F-L-Y”, First Love Yourself.

I’ll be watching, waiting and listening.

I AM in Christ’s Love
Master Merlin

December, 2015.