Flattening Your Personal Curve

Alison L. JamesAlison's Commentary

I honor the God Presence of you.

Namaste Everyone,

While we each practice social distancing during this now prolonged COVID-19 pandemic, we are facing some new challenges. Activities and behavior that we may have taken for granted on a daily basis now require a presence of mind and practical forethought. Authorities were not prepared for the increasing need for hospital supplies, PPE’s, gloves and masks and we may not even have them for ourselves. We must learn to improvise and be fastidious, even frugal., as we re-learn to honor each other. The limited supply of some food and household items, coupled with the financial stress for many businesses and individuals, are leading us back to fundamentals: a return to unity, caring for each other in greater detail and home-cooked meals. Our priorities are shifting to a meet more simple and practical demands and, most importantly, a greater awareness of the effect of our personal actions on those around us. For lightworkers, we know that we affect mass consciousness as well.

As we are aware, our devoted but stressed healthcare workers and responders are themselves facing crises and possible illness and death. The daily death counts cannot leave us unscathed and we pray for the safety and wellbeing of all those infected with the virus wherever they might be. We send our love, condolences and prayers to those who have lost loved ones. We can draw strength from the fact that these circumstances are unifying us as a people beyond any differences as we witness firsthand our shared plight. In this month of April here in the U.S., as our sequestering is continuing longer than we anticipated, we have more time to radiate our love to humanity and share what we can.

Flattening Your Curve

How can we best address the adjustments, concerns and stresses of our situations? What is coming up or spiking for you at this time? Have you lost a loved one and are facing grief? Are your circumstances changing at an alarming rate? Are you worried, anxious or afraid about your future in these open-ended times? Have old issues surfaced or perhaps new perspectives and attitudes are being required of you? Whatever is happening in your world, being homebound will, hopefully, provide the opportunity for some quiet time and reflection. Whatever your question(s), we can know that “Love” is the answer — as Derek O’Neill has so indelibly taught. By humbly embracing Love in our hearts, our lives and outward efforts, this is how we can flatten the curve of our personal issues.

Surely, when we all reach the conclusion that Love and respect for all beings, lifeforms, the Animal Kingdom and Gaia (the consciousness of Mother Earth) is the way of the future, the New Golden Age (The New Camelot) can truly begin. Passive consent is not the same as active participation. Being proactive in our healing and self-development, sending out love to others in our meditations and working on our self-development are prerequisites for our Ascension and that of Mother Earth. No more must we accept the status quo; we can actively intervene on our own behalf, as guided by Spirit. Are we prepared to listen and act upon our inner guidance? Can we accept it? I certainly hope so. Lessons abound for us all.

If I can be of some special assistance to you with your “spikes” of concern, please let me know. You may always choose from a selection of different packages of the Starlight Path at alisonljames.com to raise your frequency and spiritual quotient and move towards Self Sovereignty. Together let us pray for all of us to move through this heath crisis with ease and grace, staying centered and mindful of our own actions. I hope this is of some help to you.

Sending you so much Love and Light at this time,
Showers of Blessings,
a/k/a Al Ra Hara Ti-Ka


Here again is my basic hit list for handling the present situation:

  1. Stay centered at the heart though meditation and quiet focus, still the inner storm. Panic is not necessary.
  2. Practice the Prema Agni symbol on the self and others. Be Love.
  3. Utilize the Violet Flame and seek help for personal issues that are arising.
  4. No more hands out! Instead of shaking hands, put your hands together in prayer position at the heart and say “Namaste”, meaning I honor God/the Divine in you. A good reminder for us all. Remember not to touch your face with your hands.
  5. Love your neighbor as yourself — share supplies. Be inclusive, not exclusive.
  6. Love yourself — take care of yourself and be as sanitary as possible in the environments where you function.
  7. As a daily preventative, follow the same regimen as if you had a cold or flu (Vitamin C, zinc tablets, boost the immune system, frequent hand washing, etc.)
  8. Be practical — sanitize shared or common surfaces and sneeze or cough into a tissue and then dispose of it. Use gloves and/or a mask if warranted and bring them with you plus some disinfectant supplies when you go out for the day.
  9. Be mindful of others. Stay at a safe distance, especially in public venues and public transportation — 3 to 6 feet whenever possible is advised.
  10. Stay at home as much as possible until containment is a reality.
  11. Be present, change is a constant. Don’t feed into scare tactics of the media or from anywhere else.