Fluorite, for Mind, Body and Spirit & Fluorite Octahedrons.

Alison JamesMystic Crystal Revelations

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Fluorite, so named because of its fluorescent quality under UV light, is another valuable gemstone for your toolkit. Its geometric and wavy inclusions help to dispel mind fog, doubt and indecision. It helps to bring structure where there is none, to see your way out of any personal chaos that is sabotaging your life and to move through the decision process. Mental blocks move aside.





Fluorite Octahedrons

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Of additional note are Fluorite Octahedrons, whose geometry connect you to the element of air, the transmitter of information and insight. These forms work with the heart chakra to aid healing, empathy and compassion.

Whether placed on the body, held as a talisman or kept in your work environment, Fluorite in all its shapes and colors is a great stone for clearing your energy field and getting to the heart of things.

November, 2018.