Follow Your Creative Magic!

Alison JamesMaster Merlin Speaks

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Hello Beloveds,

Is this a prickly point with you? Do you withdraw or hold back for fear of failure, lack or what others might say? No dream is too big or too small to warrant your attention, your devoted focus and excited momentum of action. Don’t put off to tomorrow what can bring delight today.

As this photograph of Artist Chihuly’s sculpture demonstrates … One’s imagination holds no bounds; only your thinking and beliefs hold you back from manifesting your dreams and desires. As Co-Creators of the Universe, you are remembering how to think, act, feel and be so that your creations may manifest with good timing and with aplomb. If all your thoughts manifested simultaneously now, creative chaos would reign. Think, feel and channel your ideas, therefore, through your creative talents and abilities. Dare to take a bite out of that dangling carrot in front of you and give it a whirl. How long has it been there? Every seed that is borne by you, even if put aside, is for your genius, your unique perspective and ecstasy of expression.

There is great power in the essence of you. Magicians, it takes but a brief moment in time for you to pinpoint your way and follow your own design, to wave your magic wand and do what no-one else can do quite like you. As so many Masters have done before you, employ who you are to reach your destiny, to find your joie de vivre and discover your magic as you become all you can be. Masters, you are divine. You can create miracles and move mountains, if you believe it. Enjoy being who you are on this magical journey of life. Tempus fugit. Make the most of your time and your inner magic. We are ready, willing and able to assist you.

Merlin, Master of Earth Magic

May, 2017.