For Merlin

Alison L. JamesPoetry

Planets, stars and moons
Blink in your wake
As you hurtle by
At a meteoric rate.

As dimensions you climb
Out of physical time,
Your radar picks up
What’s in my cup!

You’re finely attuned
To all you oversee,
When I whisper your name
It brings you to me!

The magic and mystery,
Of you carries on,
It’s all in your name
A lineage bar none!

Of a persona expanded,
The stories are told,
The legend continues
Of your heart of gold.

Ancient lore is repeated,
But it’s the good and the true,
Like the sword in the stone,
That resonate with you!

King Arthur was blessed,
And now many more,
Your presence is awaited
By score upon score.

Male and female aspects
You govern them both,
The Universe knows
You’re not one of sloth.

Admirers and tricksters
Have sought out your love,
You have tried them all on
Like a lady a glove.

You’ve been tested and tried
Through tempest and storm,
Inner turmoil and pain,
Your kindliness to form.

A high spiritual mandate
Governs your path
Through service to mankind
You’re an avatar, at last!

Though caveat remains
It soon will be gone,
I witness your dedication
Is second to none.

Your loving nature,
The wisdom you impart,
Your gifts galore
Set you apart!

On earth my heart knows
Your love and your fire,
Memories of past lives
Trigger my desire.

And now when I dream
Of my enduring Twin Flame,
Two lights burn the skies
In God’s Glorious Name.

It matters not
Which planet we’re on,
On night flights and journeys
Two hearts beat as One.

Cocooned in love
And a purple heart,
I pray the time passes
As gentle as the dove.

With you at my side
In perpetuity,
There’s no turning back
A double-feature for eternity.

So, whether on earth
Or light years away,
You’re loved and revered
Far beyond the Milky Way!