From Merlin, the Gardener.

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Hello Beloveds,

Spring puts a lightness in your step and the hope of good outcomes for efforts expended. It is time to shake off the winter doldrums and plant seeds in your garden as well as your life. Whatever you may have gone though recently, it is good to know, is it not, that sensations are merely passing through and are not the truth of you? Experiences, emotions and feelings are all signals of what needs your attention. Who or what is calling you?

Now is the time to get busy and tend to all your affairs, to set the stage for growth, change and abundance. As always, I remind you most importantly to set your intention, not with a heaviness of heart but rather in joy and in the hope of fulfillment, a quick work. See the end from the beginning and BELIEVE it.

You’re being given a fresh start, an opportunity for a new round of open doors and possibilities. Allow yourself to let your thoughts and ideas be aired, that is, expressed through you and by you. In the bright new light of day some things will fall away and others will germinate. It is what FEELS right to you that will bring you the success you seek.

Remember to smile. Your own essence will come shining through and may touch another in unexpected ways. Take off the limits and allow your imagination to take you where you want to go. As you tend your garden, we will be tending to you.

In Lovingkindness,
Merlin, the Gardener (!)



March, 2015