Goddess Hathor

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Goddess Hathor is a pre-eminent deity and icon of the Divine Feminine in Egypt, Nubia, Ethiopia, Somalia, Libya and Byblos in the Lebanon. Often depicted alongside Isis, Hathor too has many titles including “Mistress of Heaven”, “Lady of the Stars”, “the Vengeful Eye of Ra” and “Goddess of the Dead”.  Her name means “House of Horus” and as the consort of Horus she is depicted as the cow-headed goddess, her horns holding the disk of Ra. The make-up for the painted Egyptian eye, the “Eye of Horus”, made of ground malachite, is linked to Hathor. Her presence was sometimes deified as seven cows, thereby linking her with the Pleiades, but she is mostly illustrated as being dressed in red, symbolizing life force, holding  the ankh (the symbol of life), or a staff, or the sacred instrument or rattle known as a sistrum, and sometimes holding a mirror. To look in her mirror meant you would see your own individual power sent back to you. Thus she was petitioned by pharaohs and the people for her blessings of fertility, children, health, beauty, music, celebration and protection.  She speaks now:

I am Hathor, Goddess of fertility, power and beauty for women.  I have been known in many guises, but most of all I wish to be petitioned by those who would know Love for themselves and share it with others. So many have known that I am available to help in all matters concerning women, but I am not limited to the female sex.  I offer love and healing for all those who ask, men and women alike.  My expertise is not limited to female things.  The animals and plants and the fertility of Mother Earth herself are of great importance to me.

My appearance with the bull horns, and cow ears is to remind you of how the cattle in the fields nurture and sustain your lives, how the bull is the progenitor of life and how his strength and courage is to be admired as an example for your lives today.

I am not alone in this mission to assist you at this time.  We work in minions to assist your journey at this important time for Mother Earth. You may visit my shrine at the Temple of Dendera and look upon my visage at Abydos and Abu Simbel and many other places of worship, but my Light shines very close to you now. My Light is for the healing of your hearts and for the expansion of your lives.  These days are passing quickly for you now, but my presence is eternal, like that of Mother Isis, and Mother Mary. If you will allow us to come very close to you, we will assist your journey, guide your steps and soothe your minds, bodies and souls. No matter is too big or too small for our attention.

We ask only that you connect from your hearts to All That Is, Above and Below.  We hear your prayers and heart-felt intentions.  You are changing your world now, your lives and all that pertains to your existence. Be of good cheer and courage. We are celebrating your return Home to the realms of Unconditional Love. It appears to be happening at warp speed for you now!  Love IS the answer for your planet and all life that is sustained by her. You are remembering to be whole and holy.  I am always here to love you and help sustain life in all its myriad forms.

 I am Hathor, sounding the AUM for your creations of joy and peace.  May your light radiate throughout the Universe and return to you many-fold.