Goddess Sekhmet Speaks

Alison JamesMessages of Light

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Dear Ones,

I am a new word in your lexicon, but now you may know me as a Goddess of Love and Strength. I may purr as softly as a kitten, or roar as fiercely as a lion. My center and strength comes from the center of All, the One Heart and One Radiant Light of the Universe. I have long been associated with transformation and having the courage to embrace it. It is no mean feat to change your tune, so to speak, and embrace a new way of being.

You may find that your days of complacency and procrastination are no more, and I AM here to assist you in surprising ways to be a focused, communal-minded member of the Great Hierarchy of Light. Like a mother who watches over her cubs, I AM ready to overlight your path with the Light of Ra, my father, to shine a light to bring your steps forward. Soft is my voice, but constant is my intention for you. This is the way to be fearless, to stand tall in the face of human drama and conflict.

Make your goals known to me. Seek your own lion heart as you gaze upon my lion head and womanly form. Beauty and perfection are in the eye of the beholder, true grit lies in the love of your heart. Softly, softly, speak my name, as in a whisper. Follow my advice carefully and with devotion. We shall meet at the finish line.

Goddess Sekhmet

February, 2018.