Going Higher in the Tetons

Alison L. JamesAlison's Commentary

When landing at Jackson Hole Airport located at approximately 6,000 feet, one is afforded a most spectacular view of the Tetons. The Teton range is the youngest range of mountains in the U.S., the peaks still being craggy and pointed, not rounded and weathered. They are called the “Les Trois Tetons,” or “The Three Breasts,” thanks to some French trappers, the Grand Teton being the tallest at 13,776′. Travelers come from all over the world to trek the Teton mountain paths and see the sights. On my journey I encountered a young group in the mountains who had trekked 27 miles across from Idaho.

In Wyoming the vast, open expanses of land have inspired Indians, hunters, movie makers and visitors alike. Herds of wild animals still roam here: bison, elk, moose, deer, bear and foxes, and you will likely come up upon a line of rubber-necking drivers stopping for a photo-op. You will jump out too! This is a wonderful getaway from city life.

The air is rarified and pristine here. With the magnificent tall fir trees you might think you were in the Swiss Alps, especially with beautiful lakes peppered all around. Our group took an idyllic raft trip along the winding Snake River where we spotted eages, beaver and other lovely flora and fauna.

While Mother Nature displays her incredible beauty and magnificence above the ground here, the Ascended Master Royal Teton Retreat encompasses the Grand Teton and environs. This is a grand and efficacious place to connect to the Masters and indeed, they welcomed us, but they are also about their work for humanity and the planet, including the overseeing of our individual development. You can always expect the unexpected in their company. I highly recommend a visit here.


September 2019