Got Magic?

Alison JamesMaster Merlin Speaks

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It is elementary and fundamental to your existence, whether you find yourself present on Mother Earth or in other worlds and universes, that you discover the truth of your innate powers of wizardry. Magic lies within you, in your experience, in your ability to perceive all things, in your ability to bring your creations into form according to the Laws of the Universe, that is, to manifest on the outside what lies on the inside … Ha! Got Magic?

So many living on Earth think not upon the wonders of creation, nor upon the elementals whose very desire to transform themselves into form holds the secret of the beauty of a single flower. It is your inner desire and intention to transform yourself that will create magic in your life.

Things are not what they seem. While material form appears in one way to you, it may look entirely different to another. Hence, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The magic lies not in being beholden to the outer form, but rather in bringing forth what lies on the inside of you, that is, the expression of your own inner beauty whatever form it may take.

The notion of inner alchemical transformation within escaped those alchemists of old who travailed to turn dross or matter into gold, although this was eventually achieved by their mindful application. It is the expression of the God-given desires of your heart that will lead you to ultimate happiness. The love within your heart will unlock the miracles and magic laid up in store for you.

NOW is the time to rekindle your love of Self to bring forth what God has gifted within you. We are here to assist you.

In Love and Service,
Master Merlin

November, 2013.