Green Apatite

Alison L. JamesMystic Crystal Revelations

As a gemstone associated with the element of water, Green Apatite is particularly soothing for frayed nerves and stress. Its green ray connects to the physical heart, Mother Nature and to change. Green is the color of abundance and thus this stone helps you to attract resources in order to manifest what you have need of and to release a poverty or scarcity consciousness.

Most importantly, this stone can be used to help heal the heart of loss and pain and to accept new beginnings. It can be very helpful when dealing with negative emotional patterns and challenging relationships. In the face of changes of all kinds, it has a calming and grounding influence.

In all the circumstances mentioned here, the ability of Green Apatite to connect you to Mother Nature and the Earth makes it a particularly useful ally at this time. Trust its crystalline presence to help you accept what the Universe is showing you within and without.