Happy New You in 2019

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Happy New Year to You!

Once again, we enter another New Year and look forward to new beginnings and fresh opportunities to be, do and have what the Universe will have us be, do and have. No matter what we may have weathered in 2018, this year, 2019, is, numerologically speaking, a “3” year (2+1+9=12=1+2=3). This is a year of manifestation and of strong connection to Spirit. What door of opportunity are you prepared to open for yourself?

As Spirit (“3”) rules over matter (“4”), it is always beneficial for us to align with Source (our Higher Self), to set our intentions or goals for manifestation. As Merlin advises, call it forth from the heart. Let your desires be known. A former mentor of mine would say, “what you are seeking is seeking you”. So don’t push it, let it fall into place. Let progress flow with ease and grace.

Last year was a year of self-mastery and deep inner transformation. Hopefully, like myself, you enjoyed a time of relaxation and peace over the holiday period after a year of many challenges, and much inner growth and transformation. Exhaling the past and perceived limitations or lack, we can now set our sights anew with a deeper understanding of who we are and what is important to us. We have hit the reset button and can now see things from a new perspective, making better choices for ourselves and our world.

I love this time of introspection and consideration of future goals and laying the groundwork. We intuitively know what feels right or wrong for ourselves, especially after so many personal and worldwide challenges last year. We can know, that according to our beliefs, when opportunity and our preparedness intersect, there lies the synchronicity to galvanize us into action or that takes us forward in its wake.

Whatever your hopes, dreams and wishes, your openness and willingness to participate in what is brought before you, will provide the outcome that will benefit you along the way. Open hearts and minds will enable you to step through to your next level of manifestation and greater awareness, one day at a time on the way to being a Happy New You.

Love and Blessings to You,
Al Ra Hara Ti-Ka, a/k/a Alison

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