The Modern Egyptian Gemstone Triad: Lapis Lazuli, Carnelian and Turquoise

Alison L. JamesMystic Crystal Revelations

These three gemstones are popular and highly regarded in Egypt. Lapis Lazuli, the color of the sky and found in temples, amulets and jewelry everywhere, is used to heal yourself and to tap into your psychic potential through the third eye. I t has long been associated with Isis, the Goddess of Magic, holiness, creation and resurrection. Often it is found set in a lotus flower formation. It helps with visions and it is advised to only ever focus on the positive with this stone.

Carnelian is a stone of protection and stability. Associated with the blood and purification, it may be used for strength, courage and to treat sickness. It is often found in amulets of the Right Eye of Horus (shown above) and the djed pillar of strength, signifying protection, royal power and good health. Isis was said to wear a Thet, a knot, that represented female fertility, inset with Carnelian.

In a country of desert, to an Egyptian Turquoise represents the sea. It is a stone of happiness, cleanliness  and wellbeing. It is also associated with wisdom and is often worn at the throat chakra. Hathor, the Goddess of music, love and joy is known as the Mistress of Turquoise.