Healing our Relationship with Mother Nature and The Shifting into Peace Project

Alison L. JamesAlison's Commentary

In order for us to restore our lives and reestablish Harmony and Peace on our beautiful planet, we must learn to love once more Mother Nature in all her forms. She has served us for so long and without hindrance. This is the first time that a pandemic has halted our lives on a global scale. It has infiltrated not only our human species, but the Animal Kingdom as well. We can each play our part in shifting our world back to Harmony and Peace.

I have recently completed a “free” training led by Antera and Omaran of soulevolution.org to help us heal the overburdened elementals and Mother Earth herself. I invite you to take part in this training and to go out into your local environment to help bring healing to the planet. It all begins with being in a place of Peace so that your presence may be at its optimum. This movement, overseen by the Ascended Masters, is growing around the world. You are invited to participate and learn how to do this work in your own area and beyond. To learn how to join the Shifting into Peace Project, please click here.

Listen to the Shifting into Peace song here.