Alison JamesMystic Crystal Revelations

This crystal carries, as its name suggests, the ray emanation of the sun.  The name Heliodor is derived from “helios”, Greek for the “sun”, and “doron” Greek meaning “gift”, hence a “gift of the sun”.  It is a variety of beryl, of the same family as morganite, aquamarineand goshenite.  It is commonly found with two colorations: either a golden yellow whereby it is known as “golden beryl” or a green or yellow/green combination hence being known as “yellow emerald”.

Heliodor works primarily with the solar plexus, our center of power but also with the Divine Will.  Our real power lies in surrendering to our  Divine power within. Heliodor helps us make that connection, to align with our Higher Self and Higher Consciousness  Often found with a clear and shining brilliance, Heliodor helps to show us the way to Self Realization and to become our authentic self.  It activates our psychic power and spiritual communication, imbuing us with a clarity of mind to facilitate that connection with Divine Mind.

The greener variety of Heliodor has the added benefit of working with one’s physical form, to energize one’s physical wellbeing and the ability to move forward on one’s path.  It shines its light with clarity and purpose. Heliodor truly is a gift of the Divine for the seeker of those things that are “above.”.