Holiday Happiness

Alison L. JamesAlison's Commentary


Hello Everyone,

The holidays are almost upon us and I hope and trust you are looking forward to celebrating with family and friends. Despite the Omicron surge requiring greater caution and mask-wearing here in the U.S. and elsewhere around the globe, the “reason for the season” is in the forefront of my mind. New York City has become quieter again and it seems there are fewer lights up this year, with the exception of the huge Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center. Less tinsel and more introspection is a good thing in my thinking. The idyllic mountain scene above reminds me of European travels and happy times in days gone by spent whooshing down ski slopes and drinking gluhwein in some high-altitude, snow-bound chalet! I look forward like most to enjoying the season.

Christmas, however, can give rise to feelings of sadness and longing for those who are absent or have passed on or for some other personal reason. These feelings likely arise from a sense of separation and the inability to love the self and, of course, are very human in nature. Happiness may seem elusive at times and I thought I would share with you the essence of a channeling I read given by St. Germain and Lord Metatron to J. Tyberonn on how to find happiness. Firstly, it is important to be fully engaged and present, i.e. accepting what is happening in your life and all the challenges that come with it, keeping all work, activities and relationships functioning in balance. Secondly, feelings of happiness may come as the result of seeking pleasure without the fear of penalty or guilt, not as the result of some materialistic euphoria, but as the result of choosing to live a good life and be positive the best way you know how. This may be expanded to include developing Sovereignty, or self mastery. Thirdly, happiness may be felt as the result of finding true meaning in your life.  Whether you are contributing to a cause or making a difference in the world by being of service in some way, you are creating a “spiritual harmonic life” for yourself and others. Clearly, actions speak louder than words in this regard. If happiness still eludes you, perhaps energies from past lives are still working themselves through and out of your system.

Hopefully, as lightworkers, we are able to come to the true essence of who we are and experience these three aspects of happiness. Wherever you find you may find yourself this Christmas, whatever you may be doing, I wish you Love, Peace and Joy. Let us give thanks for all our blessings and share them with whomever we can.

Love and blessings to you
And Joy and Happiness in the New Year,
Rev. Alison L. James
a/k/a Al Ra Hara Ti-Ka