Honey Calcite

Alison JamesMystic Crystal Revelations


Honey Calcite is such a warm and friendly stone. One would hardly imagine how effective it can be to help you stick to your goals and intentions. Like other calcites, it has a harmonious feel that is very healing and can assist your journey. It is like the daisy in the kingdom of flowers, readily available and welcoming.

Honey Calcite, with its warm golden hue, aligns the solar plexus with the third eye, assisting you to live your truth and walk your talk. It assists with communication with your Higher Self, keeping your psychic channel open and information flowing. In this way it also assists with your intellect.

A small tumbled stone brings a sense of constancy and can be easily carried in your pocket. It feels like a warm summer day that is comfortable, enabling you to keep moving forward in alignment with Divine Will for your life, being consistent with your goals and intentions.


September, 2016.