I AM a Star

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Some years ago, while attending a channeling session in New York, Brightstar, a spiritual guide and gatekeeper for trance channel Alex Murray, came through to teach us the verse below. It bears repeating until it is memorized and part of your bastion of tools to be utilized when a reminder of your true essence is needed for a spiritual boost.  It also instills an expanded awareness for our integration for the 12:12:11 double stargate:

 I AM a Star,
A Star is a heavenly body radiating light,
I AM a heavenly body radiating light,

I AM a Star,
A Star is a heavenly body radiating light,
(repeat, repeat, repeat …)

When the challenges of life are weighing you down, look up!  The beauty and radiance of the twinkling stars in the night sky at night hold us in their spell, their God-spell.  From light years away, they reflect back to us the light that we are, the light that is the truth of us, and the light to which we shall return when our earthly course is run. We come from the stars.

Sacred geometry did not escape Leonardo da Vinci’s blending of art and science in his drawing of the Vetruvian Man (1486) inscribed in a circle and a square, in which the four extremities of hands and feet were superimposed in different positions and the head is the culminating point of the star. And, of course, it is no accident that the symbol of magic is a star.  Following the intertwining through the five points of the star of magic takes you on a journey through embodiment in form and spirit to discover the light of your Self Mastery, to reach ever upwards to the zenith of wisdom, love, light and wisdom that you can realize.

Beloved Lord Merlin says:

Your magic is your light, your wisdom, your love.  Stand under the stars at night and give yourself a “star shower”.  Choose one star and let its halo of light come down and surround you in a tube of light. Call upon me and I will help you re-connect to All There Is, to the Universe, the same Universe of yesterday, today and tomorrow.  YOU are a brilliant light for humanity. You are a Star.

As planet Earth and humanity move into the fifth paradigm of Unconditional Love, there is a star that is lighting our way, just like the star that heralded Jesus’ birth from above.  The light to which I refer is the Rising Star, the Source of Christ Consciousness energies, that is available once more. It comes not just in one man, but is available to all, from Source to Source through the Minjushri Lineage.  Yes, you are a source of light, you are a star.

John J. Hop­kins, Jr. wrote the following words (and music) for this chorus in a car­ol for a Christ­mas pa­geant at the Gen­er­al The­o­lo­gic­al Sem­in­ary in New York Ci­ty in 1857:

O star of wonder, star of light,
Star with royal beauty bright,
Westward leading, still proceeding,
Guide us to thy perfect light.

~ Love and Starlight to You, Alison.