Iceland Volcanic Rock

Alison JamesMystic Crystal Revelations

Those who were present at Derek O’Neill’s powerful Agnihotra ceremony at Creacon received a piece of rock from the volcano of Iceland he visited. These stones are the new life of Mother Earth and you may be aware, that in Hawaii, for example, one may not take such stones without permission from Mother Earth.  They are precious and we are blessed to have them.  Their outward appearance may deceive you.  As Derek clearly said, the Fire Ceremony was to burn away the personal dross to enable our clearer insight into our past karmic issues.  This is the perfect time to connect the newness of you and your life by meditating as you hold this rock in your receiving hand (most likely the left hand) and then the right hand (if you have more than one piece).  It can also be placed on the heart and third eye to stimulate your own inner perspective.  We must own who we are on the inside.  The teachings are the foundation.

July, 2010.