Alison L. JamesPoetry

Icon, icon, on the wall,
Whose image is the most powerful of all?
Does your consciousness invade mine?
Does your picture transcend time?

Icon, icon do you see?
Are your eyes watching me?
Does your image permeate space
When I focus on your face?

Icon, icon do you thrive
To see your presence forever survive?
Does attention to your presentation
Bring forth earthly manifestation?

Icon, icon, like a book
You direct my thoughts when I look,
You brand your presence, like I am drinking
In your spirit to lift my thinking.

Icon, icon, Christ or saint,
Or religious leader, now of paint,
Or sculpture, or metal, or mosaic,
Your influence is beyond the prosaic.

Icon, icon, if you fade,
Your impact on my mind’s inlaid,
For you’re a part of history,
I awe and revere your destiny.

Icon, icon, I remember your past,
You escaped the iconoclast,
May your presence forever impress
Itself on universal awareness.

Copyrighted © Alison L. James, 1998. All rights reserved.