Alison L. JamesPoetry

Let us move beyond the physical sense,
With imagination create life anew,
Let us expand our consciousness,
Find the life ordained for you.

Let us start with forgiveness for all,
For we cannot war within,
Outer words and subconscious speech
Must match for an inner win.

Forgive yourself, revisit the day,
Construct how it should have been,
Imagine how you should have felt
And hold that as if physically seen.

Direct your inner world of thoughts
To a place beyond space and time,
Fuse feeling and imagination,
Create an altered state of mind.

Your active imagination has a life,
It’s your God Self rising in you,
Death to the old, love yourself,
Resurrect to life anew.

Imagination follows a disciplined path,
Focus to not miss the mark,
Seek Oneness with the Father,
Acknowledge what is straying and dark.

To wish ill upon another
Is to crucify Christ, so to speak,
Let your words be a cup of water
Poured out for the “one” you seek.

Immerse yourself in the image,
Talk to yourself of your desired dream,
Think from the end, not the beginning,
No matter how reality may seem.

Remember, you are made in the image of God,
Your inner speech, your image in mind,
Connect the two, there lies the power,
Your imagined life to find.