Important Inspiration from the Masters, Nature and Beauty

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Hello Everyone,

The image above is from an exquisite collection of paintings and sketches by the very accomplished Russian artist Nicholas Roerich (1874-1947). They are housed in a beautiful townhouse on the upper west side of Manhattan. He and his inspiring wife, author and pianist, Helena Roerich, received a body of teachings from Masters El Morya and Maitreya that are known as the Agni Yoga Teaching. The couple were members of the Theosophical Society and instrumental in the creation of many institutions in Russia, India  and the U.S., all connected to the pursuit of the arts as well as philisophical truth. During their international travels much time was spent in the Himalayas and Nicholas Roerich painted many masters and deities, infusing the works with much light and subliminal messages. Known affectionately as “the Master of the Mountains, he is credited with creating a total of 7,000 works of art.

This single collection in New York is a feast for the heart as well as the eyes. I was overwhelmed to discover that it is right here under our New York noses! With the volume of this artist’s accomplishments, I feel duty bound to repeat that the development of our individual gifts and talents leads us where we need to go!

As we enjoy and appreciate art from all around the globe, we move closer as a collective into Oneness, or Unity Consciousness, in appreciation of Creation. Art in all its forms helps us understand that we are all co-creators, channeling energy and information in one form or another. One person’s artwork that may fetch auction prices of millions of dollars is no more important than that of an unknown artist. Together, we are all contributing to a new consciousness for the planet in greater synchronicity with the Universe. Over time, we will come to appreciate that “time is art” instead of “time is money” (see Manifesto for the Noosphere by Jose Arguelles that I refer to in the recorded interview below). Beauty, whether manmade or in Nature, evokes hope and healing. How healing it is to sit quietly with Mother Nature when the going gets tough and to be infused with the energies of the Creator.

Our relationship with the biosphere of the planet is undergoing amazing change. As we clear up our ecological messes and restore ravaged Earth, we will be adding to the higher spiritual quotient of the planet (and ourselves) as the planet ascends and reaches her next tier of evolution within the Universe. When we take toxic trash and convert it into works of art, we are steering a new course for humanity where we recognize that all we see is from All There Is and that All Is Creation.

I do hope you will make a trip to the Roerich Museum or other local venue of beauty to interact with all that you may find there. Our choice to embrace the consciousness of beauty in all its forms assists the Ascension of the planet and ourselves and changes our perception of art, removing it from being an unconscious by-product.

Love and Blessings,
Al Ra Hara Ti-Ka

May/June, 2017.