In like a lion, out like a lamb … you be the judge of yourself.

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Hello Everyone,

Cold winds and below freezing temperatures are bringing March in like a lion.  Hopefully the end of March will show us gentler weather for the birth of Spring lambs. Yes, very British of me to talk about the weather, however the boundaries of seasons and weather patterns are blending around the globe, including the British Isles.

This brings me to the issue of maintaining “a hard line” or inflexible boundaries around ourselves. If the two precious creatures above can live together, so can we. Perhaps you think that this photo is an isolated incident and couldn’t become the norm. But what if it could be and actually was the norm. For ourselves, this would mean we would have to stop the “blame game” and forgive, ourselves, each other and everything else, past, present and future.

Ascended Master Lady Portia embodies forgiveness, justice and balance. Her presence and energies are soft, beautiful and subtle, energies easily forgotten in a heated moment of anger or frustration. WIthin the higher realms Lady Portia is magnificently paired with Lady Kuan Yin, the Goddess of mercy and compassion; together they may assist us to bring about these subtleties within.

From a higher perspective, the very word “forgiveness” smacks of judgment; it necessarily says that something is wrong and we have to do something about it. How can we forgive, for example, someone we believe has hurt us? Aren’t we judging that person, instead of accepting that that is where they are in their process, and put it aside? I have heard Derek O’Neill say: “Forgiving is good, forgetting is better.” Very appropriate.

And herein is where I see that a new balance must be found.This balance and harmony comes when we truly learn to love ourselves. This is not soley an intellectual exercise administered by verbal affirmations. Loving oneself must become a way of being, a practice, a reality. We can tell when we have “made forgiveness flesh” within when a repeat provocation doesn’t get a rise from us because we can accept what is, and perhaps what was.

When our filters roar at us, whether created from childhood experiences, parental or other relationships and situations, this needs be a reminder that our feelings are signals for us; they are not the truth of us. Jesus said for us to be wise as a serpent and gentle as a dove. Can we learn to be without fear and lay down with the lion? Practice, practice, practice.

Unconditional Love to You,

March, 2014.