Isis Speaks

Alison JamesMessages of Light

This channeling is extracted from my article about “The Divine Feminine in Egypt; Mother Isis”:

I AM Isis, the Goddess of myriad forms of Light within the Universe.  Do not think of me as ‘out of reach’ or ‘lost in the mists of time’. I AM ever present with you on Earth to assist your transformation and evolution on Mother Earth.  I await your transmission and eager intent to transcend the lower forms that have held you hostage for so long.  Look up to the starry skies and know that your presence is there as much as it is on Earth. I am ready to help your growth and expansion in whatever endeavor you may choose, whether it is child rearing or cooking or writing or communicating on a global scale. It is a matter now of honoring the Divine principles that lie within each of you; therein lies the root of your journey throughout the universes.  My love for you is immense. I will go where you fear to tread. Trust yourselves, dearest ones. Life itself is a miracle as are you. Love and Blessings to you, Mother Isis.”