K2 Granite, a/k/a K2 Jasper

Alison JamesMystic Crystal Revelations

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Discovered in the foothills of mountain K2 in the Karakoram Range between China and Pakistan, gemstone “K2” is another extraordinary gift from Mother Earth. It comes from a remote area that is very difficult to mine. Blue whisps of azurite nestle in white granite (not jasper) flecked with black biotite. Granite holds a grounding and stabilizing influence while biotite helps you to see further than an issue itself, to be rational and to connect you to your Higher Self. It is rare to find all these minerals together.

The azurite spotted inclusions, like energetic orbs, appear to be floating through the granite matrix, reminiscent of the “blue” gods who are associated with this area. They are, indeed, a reminder for us to transcend the confines and nitty-gritty of our earthly existence and aspire upwards in consciousness to that of the higher realms. In this stone, there is a wonderful grounding presence coupled with a soft meditative energy. It is hardly surprising that this unique combination was found in such a challenging place.

A small, polished cabochon of “K2” will strengthen your resolve, usher in a greater sense of peace, help to quiet the nerves and the emotions and may even help the liver. Unearthed in recent years, “K2” merges the energies of above and below, past and present, and can itself be “mined” for information on the Akashic Records.

April, 2018.