Lady Venus Speaks

Alison JamesMessages of Light

I am the One that upholds Love and Peace for my Beloved Sanat Kumara as he travels throughout Time and No Time to help humanity upon Planet Earth.  Have you  forgotten that you have been loved and supported in all your travails throughout your sojourn on planet Earth, through your many lifetimes?  You have traveled through many energies and have claimed many as your own.  NOW you may release what no longer serves you.  Ingrained beliefs and energies of the past may dissolve from you now.  I will assist you.  Love all your challenges, your life, whatever is before you.  It is sent to you from Love, from the heart of the Source of All, for you.  Bring yourselves to the awareness that there is nothing withheld from your consciousness.  The abundance of your planet has been serving you limitlessly, as do we.  Love your journey, embrace with joy your daily lives, for we are with you, observing and ready to assist you in all facets of being. We are One with you.