Lapis Lazuli

Alison JamesMystic Crystal Revelations

To help you know yourself from the inside out, that is the role of Lapis Lazuli.  To know you came from the stars in the heavens and that you are on Earth as the mediator between the two.  The ancient Egyptians knew they were the connection between Father Sky amd Mother Earth and they were holy.  They honored themselves and their accomplishments.  Life on Earth preceded a transition to the afterlife where their souls would be balanced against a feather.  We are to know today that our hearts must be light, that we are divine and God is within.

Lapis Lazuli, a powerful  meditation stone for the third eye, facilitates your seeing yourself beyond physical limitations, as a spiritual being.  Prized for its color and vibrancy, and worn by kings and queens of Egypt, lapis lazuli is the perfect talisman to carry as a reminder that you are the ruler of your own kingdom, both inner and outer.   It is a protector of the self, for it is in knowing the truth that you are freed from psychic attack, judgment and self depreciation.  Lapis Lazuli can bring you to the power of you, aligned above and below.  Its pyrite inclusions give you the courage to stand your ground and be yourself.