Alison JamesMystic Crystal Revelations

Soothing the heart, calming the emotions and dissipating anxiety, these are the admirable metaphysical attributes of Lepidolite.  It is a perfect crystal to use in these turbulent times.  High in lithium content, Lepidolite has an irridescence that glimmers through its lilac, pink or white and grey tones. Its gentleness calms frayed nerves and the tendency to react without reason or rationale.  It actually helps one to move past outer illusions and their negative influences and get to the core of the problem, without judgment.  In other words, it aids your coming back to the self.

Most importantly, Lepidolite brings you back to love: love of self, love of others and to unity!  Often Lepidolite is found combined with pink tourmaline, making it a great heart healer.  Its energies work well with many other New Age stones, acting as a base for other applications for expansion and growth. It is quite lovely to work with and to wear and it brings relief. Also, Lepidolite’s soothing effect at bedside is  helpful in encouraging dreamtime.

Lithium is used in drugs to counter mood swings and prevent episodes of mania and depression. Do not ingest or make elixirs from Lepidolite. Its energetic component may help do the trick!