Li’l Linkins (3 Fables)

Alison L. JamesPoetry






The following three poems were inspired by the artwork created by Ruth Devorah.

The Legend of Lolly Linkin

In another place
Where time is just a thought
There lives a world of beings
Of a different sort.

They all live close together,
As they have right from the start,
Growing strands of love,
Connecting heart to heart.

Among them lives young Lolly,
Her face is always rosy,
She is forever smiling
And her hair is like a posy.

How did she get that way?
You may want to know,
This is how it happened,
Blow by blow.

One hot day in the garden
This sweet young girl was basking,
When along came a bee
Without even asking.

It buzzed around her head
Threatening hard to sting,
She jumped up very fast
And her arms to madly swing.

The bee was quite persistent
And young Lolly got distressed,
She ran around the garden,
Wearing her Sunday best.

Then the idea came to her,
Distract the flying beast,
She had to find some sugar
On which the bee could feast.

She found a sticky lollipop
In the pocket of her dress,
Quickly she unwrapped it
And waved it at the pest!

Zoom! There flew the bee
And stuck there, right upon it,
Lolly jumped back in haste,
Straightening up her bonnet.

The garden plants had watched her
Through all her painful antics,
They were much relieved
When she was no longer frantic.

“Come live with us,” they said,
“Where bees and flowers are friends,
Where nothing can divide us,
We’re joined from end to end.”

So Lolly held out her hand
In amazement saying, “Oh, Golly,”
She became a L’il Linkin,
Henceforth they named her Lolly.


The Legend of Lucinda Linkin

Once upon a time
In a land that was  forgotten,
There lived a little girl
Of loving parents begotten.

The land was green and plentiful,
The sun shone every day,
And this made the little girl
Happy in every way.

Lucinda was her name,
A sparkle was in her eye,
She laughed and frolicked daily
Under an endless blue sky.

One morning early she rose
To visit the blue bird’s nest,
To watch the eggs a’hatching
And the mother fluff her chest.

Three little heads peaked out
From behind a speckled shell,
The mother bird was proud
And Lucinda was as well.

The father bird sat close
Overseeing the births firsthand,
Providing food and shelter
And singing to the land.

Lucinda joined the praise
Of this very special event,
Singing from her heart
The message being sent.

Lucinda so loved nature
Her form she willed to change,
To be like a chameleon
And her appearance re-arrange.

She dearly loved the flowers
And flourishing plants on earth,
She longed to be a part of them
And have an earthly rebirth.

She decided just to think of it
And concentrate thereon,
And then, by and by,
The idea and Lucinda became one.

She saw herself as nature
Reaching out her little hand,
Flowers and fruits responded
Holding out a welcome strand.

Thus when she went to visit
The blue birds in the tree,
She took on a different form,
Different from you and me.

Lucinda did surely learn
To become her heart’s desire,
And evolve into the thing
That set her heart on fire.

Now she’s covered in smiles
Attached to nature by strand,
Deep down in the garden
In L’il Linkin land.


The Legend of Larry Linkin

Many years ago
In a land that time forgot,
There lived a little boy
In a grassy garden plot.

He loved the outdoor life,
He played and ran all day,
Around the trees and through the fields
And in the stacks of hay.

His given name was Lawrence,
But it had too many letters,
So they called him Larry for short
And he liked that much better.

He loved to catch and throw
A round and yellow ball,
One day it bounced so high
It went over the garden wall.

Down the garden path
And past the wooden gate
Did Larry leave the garden
At an accelerated rate.

But as he carefully searched
For his favorite yellow ball,
He stopped still in his tracks
For a little voice did call:

“Larry, Larry, come and play
In L’il Linkin land,
You’ll have fun forever
Just hold out your hand.”

Larry turned round and round,
He looked both high and low,
But no-one could he find,
Only plants that there did grow.

But kneeling further down
He took a closer look,
He noticed a potted plant
In a pretty little nook.

The plant held out his ball,
He took it in his hand,
Suddenly he became attached
To a gently blowing strand.

He viewed the world around him,
He was rooted in the pot!
All the plants were greeting him
And he felt he was loved a lot.

So now he’s eternally blessed
To live in Linkin Land,
Where all are joined together
As one happy little band.

That’s how his life continues,
Forever to survive,
With sunny L’il Linkins
That in the garden thrive.