Lord, Work Through Me

Alison L. JamesPoetry

It is not I, it’s all of Thee
That comes to work through all of me,
Help me daily do all I can
To be a more Christ-like wo-man.

Come and take me by the hand,
Lead me to the Promised Land,
You are more than I can see,
You are more than I can be.

You’re the wonder, you’re the power,
Take charge of me in my dark hour,
And when my footsteps touch the sand
Help me leave a holy brand.

Whatever I may say or do
My works of art belong to you,
Help me during my life story
Through my works to reveal your glory.

No matter if I feel hard-pressed
Or for earthly cares become distressed
I know now to seek and find
Your loving arms my soul to mind.