Luxor and the Ascension

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A beautiful message and mission that accompanied our Egyptian pilgrimage was brought to us by fellow Earthkeeper Nina Brown (Anaya-Ra) to create awareness for the Christ Consciousness energies of the Golden Dolphins. Channel James Tyberonn to Archangel Metatron has directed Anaya-Ra  to do this work with specific instructions on how she is to perform sessions to facilitate the recoding of our Quantum DNA field to the crystalline format of the 144 Crystalline Grid of the planet.  Thus the formation of the Golden Dolphin S.T.A.R. Clinic working on the principles of Surrender, Trust, Allow and Receive.

 To further this work, Nina is initiating groups (or pods!) to gather in community to facilitate this higher awareness and communication of our individual God expression and to raise our frequency.  In order to establish Unconditional Love on the planet and to assist its Ascension, self love is the requisite starting place.  The gathering of these pods around the world is to enable individuals to share their experiences for the benefit of the whole and to realize their own individual divinity. We each may access our Golden Dolphin energy that is a part of our own highest frequency.

Specifically, in a message Anaya-Ra received in Giza, we are reminded, that the golden ages of Atlantis and Ancient Egypt did not last, but as we embrace our own divinity we are enabling the New Golden Age (or The New Camelot as I am wont to say) to be finally established once and for all.  If you are interested in learning more and starting a Golden Dolphin Pod in your area, please visit and

While researching for this article, I discovered that there is a coral reef in the Red Sea where one may swim with spinner dolphins that come to raise their young there.  I am so happy to report this dolphin pod off Egypt! I discovered that there was a striped dolphin epizootic in the eastern Mediterranean in the 90’s and generally there is a decline of dolphins and whales in these waters today. 

Years ago, during my very first journeying to Atlantis, I found myself swimming with the dolphins and like so many lightworkers I have always felt a kinship with these our cetacean Sirian B brothers and sisters that transcends our 3D plane of existence. The establishment of Christ Consciousness not only within the human belief system, but also in energetic forms and golden light, is the foundation of the New Age we are building.  This is, of course, exemplified by the living example of Jesus the Christ. The dolphin has long been associated with the Christian faith and symbolizes the Christ, or the hope of the Christ’s presence, swimming alongside us, acting as a rescuer, guide and friend.  Thus the dolphins also represent new life and resurrection. The dolphins themselves urge us to connect and play as they do and to remember that “Light” and “Lightness” go together.

Whilst in Cairo, it dropped into my mind that often, when dolphins play, they raise their bodies vertically and move backwards with only their tail fin in the water.  It is fascinating to watch them do this. The upright image of half-man and half-fish is found in ancient images from ancient Greece and Rome and was also represented by Dagon, the fish god of the Philistines.  The man-fish is said to be the savior rising from the waters, a being of air and water coming to the land, hence the Christ being so often associated with the dolphin. Prior thereto, however, the fish symbol was recognized as the Great Mother, when the fish and the womb were considered synonymous. The dolphins’ extraordinary upright play is perhaps their way of acknowledging our humanness that walks in verticality.  Certainly it reveals the awareness of their desire to communicate with us and at the same time this action exposes their hearts to us – which on both counts is amazing. It is this conscious proactive interaction with us, not a defensive recoiling, that engages us with them.

Our beloved dolphins (and whales), the Avatars from Sirius B, were present on Earth before humanity devolved, densified and descended into matter. Together they have long established the ley lines (i.e. energetic currents) within the oceans and held Christ Consciousness energies. They are receptors and transmitters between heaven and earth, like ourselves.  Their mission continues to assist humanity in its ascension.  Merlin says:

 “I have long worked beside the dolphins and the whales to enhance energetic flows in the waters of the oceans.  The legend pertaining to me is not without foundation, shape-shifting into their form.  Now it is up to you on Earth at this auspicious time to reconnect and be One with your oceanic brothers and sisters and to hold the Golden Dolphin energies.  I am ready to assist your gatherings and your intention to create a brighter, happier world.