March Madness 2020, Coronavirus, Love & Sovereignty

Alison L. JamesAlison's Commentary


Hello Everyone,

Valentine’s Day may have come and gone, but I don’t think you would send this delivery guy away from your front door right now! LOL! We all need a good laugh to come back to our center amid the worldwide coronavirus health crisis and the fear-based paranoia surrounding it. It may get worse before it gets better but we are learning a new way to be. Supermarket aisles may look like a wasteland, and the hoarding of basic supplies may be reaching a new high, HOWEVER, this outbreak is not the end of the world! We are transitioning through a major learning curve on a global scale. All hands on deck please!

It appears some lessons are at hand for the entire planet. It’s back to fundamentals of living where empathy and different structures need to be implemented, even if temporarily, by us all. A new level of cooperation and shared goals are being laid down nationally and internationally, plus an adhesion to shared health guidelines. Perhaps we shall learn the true meaning of “love thy neighbor as thyself” and a healthy dose of inclusivity, not exclusivity, through this experience. Everyone is important. We are being asked to demonstrate mutual respect. What an incredible opportunity for global unification has presented itself. We must all play our part to keep ourselves and each other safe and healthy, to walk out All for One, and One for All!.

Love …
Derek O’Neill recently posted, we must move from FEAR to LOVE, disease cannot live where Divine Love is. Thereto, the Prema Agni symbol is of tremendous benefit to ourselves and others. New York City, no doubt like other cities, seems like a ghost town, comparatively speaking. Many people are working from home or changing their work routines and hours. Here is my basic hit list here for handling the present situation:

  1. Stay centered at the heart though meditation and quiet focus, still the inner storm. Panic is not necessary.
  2. Practice the Prema Agni symbol on the self and others. Be Love.
  3. Utilize the Violet Flame and seek help for personal issues that are arising.
  4. No more hands out! Instead of shaking hands, put your hands together in prayer position at the heart and say “Namaste”, meaning I honor God/the Divine in you. A good reminder for us all. Remember not to touch your face with your hands.
  5. Love your neighbor as yourself — share supplies. Be inclusive, not exclusive.
  6. Love yourself — take care of yourself and be as sanitary as possible in the environments where you function.
  7. As a daily preventative, follow the same regimen as if you had a cold or flu (Vitamin C, zinc tablets, boost the immune system, frequent hand washing, etc.)
  8. Be practical — sanitize shared or common surfaces and sneeze or cough into a tissue and then dispose of it. Use gloves and/or a mask if warranted and bring them with you plus some disinfectant supplies when you go out for the day.
  9. Be mindful of others. Stay at a safe distance, especially in public venues and public transportation — 3 to 6 feet whenever possible is advised.
  10. Stay at home as much as possible until containment is a reality.
  11. Be present. Don’t feed into scare tactics of the media or anywhere else.

Sovereignty …
And life goes on. What is the current situation bringing up for you? Aha, therein lies the question! Is your cup half empty or half full? Whatever your personal belief, I believe our present challenge requires some personal grit and a governance of self (Sovereignty). Certainly, this is a time to operate your faith and trust in the future, a time for sustained optimism through practical action, not doom and gloom. Reach out for help and advice to keep your vibration and spirits up. Be proactive.

Let us pray for all of us to move through this heath crisis with ease and grace, staying centered and mindful of our own actions. I hope this is of some help to you.

Love, Abundant Heath and Blessings to You,
Alison, a/k/a Al Ra Hara Ti-Ka