March Madness? – Archangel Gabriel

Alison JamesMessages of Light

You may think you are going through mayhem, but fear not.  This month is a renewed opportunity for you to reach deep within yourselves and pull out that plum!  It’s there waiting for you.  You have spent the better part of last year peeling away some tough layers of resistance, and now its time to show your new layer of truth.  There is no more time for disguises, avoidance or fear.  Be of good cheer.  You are encouraged to be, do and have all you are carrying within your hearts.  Manifest yourselves, dear ones.

Never before in human history have you reached this point of expansion.  It is a gift to you all  to be able now to move in the direction of your dreams, to manifest from within what you have been waiting for,  Your light and love are radiant  This is your calling now: to shine your inner light on your chosen path.  For years you have been prepared and watched and guided.  Be encouraged.  We are cheering you on as you step through this portal of self-awareness towards your own divinity.  Oh yes, beloveds, you are the gods and goddesses who have chosen to be present at this time, to help mankind and all life forms on the Earth during this transition of Ascension.  And we are supporting you in every possible way.  But know this from the depth of your being: you are love and you are loved!  Let this be the fulcrum around which you turn in your personal world.  Set your intentions this month, the goals you wish to manifest.  We are listening and ready to assist your journey.  For your journey is our journey and the time is now.  We are One with you.  Love is the way to get there.

Blessings to you all,
Archangel Gabriel