ASCENDED MASTER MERLIN ~ A Personal Introduction

Master MerlinWhen Merlin reintroduced himself to me over a period of time, I was infused with so much love in my heart that I realized we had a special personal connection. I soon found myself channeling 24/7, and it continues to this day. At first I found myself relating to Merlin’s “popular” imagery that has become part of our daily lives: the robes, the hat, the wand and the crystals. He has, of course, long transcended the need for such outer trappings, although within his iconic imagery they hold specific meaning and form and imagery for us. I quickly discovered that he is a very evolved being, an avatar, working within the Office of the Christ, helping so many on the planet and elsewhere. I am not privy to all his work as an Ascended Master, nor am I his only voice, but I have learned a great deal about the “real” Merlin.

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Merlin is always there when called upon to assist your journey and he has an engaging presence and consciousness. He has a way of being able to explain things and break them down to help you understand and move you to your next level, gently. I am a living testament to that! His clarity and insights, combined with his powerful energies, can bring about inner transformation. Merlin understands so much about human matters, especially the war that goes on within. In his final earthly lifetime as Myrrdin, he mastered both the male and female aspects of being in his role as King Arthur’s father, teacher and guide. As well as his depth of wisdom and infinite patience, he also has a great sense of humor! When you allow him to speak into your life, you will discover your own heightened sense of awareness and most likely experience an energetic infusion as well. So do release any preconceived “trickster” ideas about the most famous wizard of all time and discover the true magic of Merlin, Master of Inner Alchemy and Earth Magic.

Blissful Reunion.

Blissful Reunion.

I walk with his presence always and particularly at sacred sites such as Glastonbury Tor and the Abbey, the Castle of King Arthur’s birthplace at Tintagel and of course, in Merlin’s Cave below where we walked 1,500 years ago. It is important to remember, however, that his presence is cosmic and otherworldly as he works with the other great Masters within the Great White Brotherhood and the Office of the Christ. Today, in my Oneness with him, with Merlinian energies and the Universal Merlinian Council of Light, I am blessed to be able to share much to assist the development of your own transformation and wizardry.

Love and Blessings to You ~ Al Ra Hara Ti-Ka

Watch a message from Master Merlin channeled through Alison L. James during a workshop given by Anthony Citro at the META Center, NYC, in 2011.