Master Merlin’s Christmas Message 2009

Alison JamesMaster Merlin Speaks



This is an important time to let your light shine.  You’ve worked hard throughout the year to be where you are now.  Honor your path and where you have been.  Others follow you.  Beloved Lightworkers, shine your light by your example.  As the Christmas season approaches, and you experience the shift of the Winter Solstice, this is a time to move from dreams to reality, to make your own wishes come true, to realize your own Divinity.


As you take stock of the year you have journeyed, know that you are moving into a new paradigm for yourself and mankind.  Step into the new now.  Gone are the old limited ways of thinking.  Embrace the new you.  Yes, you are new.  No cells in your body remain the same.  Your DNA is expanding and unraveling, releasing the old ways that no longer serve you.


Many Beings of Light are helping you through this transition, especially the Ascended Masters and the Avatars.  Don’t look back … and certainly not in anger!  You can truly live the life you want, and experience your dreams and desires.  Set your intention and begin your new paradigm.  No-­one else can do it for you.  It’s up to you now.  Relax.  It’s not a race and there’s no judgment.  Your lives will unfold exactly as they will according to the Divine Plan.  You are loved and supported beyond measure.


So as you celebrate once more the birth of the Christ Child, remember you too are a beacon of light on a hill, that you hold a deposit of love and light that is for the world.  As you walk in the “we” consciousness that is unfolding on the planet, let go of preconceived ideas, agendas and outcome.  Allow the energies of the Divine Feminine to once more open your heart to the Love and Abundance that are your portion and that will bring about the harmony and balance that you seek.  Rise above any lowly negative energies that may come your way.  You are a Star of Light that leads others to their own Ascension.


God Bless You All,

Master Merlin