Master Thoth’s Message: The Golden Light

Alison JamesMessages of Light

There is a Golden Light ahead.  It is leading you home, leading you to your authentic Self where Love is the Aswer.  No one and no creature need suffer.  It requires loving kindness to replace the lower outmoded energies of selfishness, fear, anger and greed.  The New Golden Age is coming.  So many are working hard to co-introduce this New Golden Age.  While the Earth may tremble and expel old stored energies, this is done to make way for a fresh wind to blow, like the solar winds of the Universe, bring a new wave of consciousness and light.  This power now set in motion is like “a rolling stone, it gathers no moss”.
Your efforts are coming to fruition, your decision to change yourselves and your lives, and to effect change on all levels on your planet is going forth.  There will be no return to warring ways and intolerance and judgment.  To attempt to return to that way of being will not work; it will bring you much pain and malcontent.  There is one golden light shining, the Light of Source.  You are being called to take your place in the Halls of Amenti, to stand and state your case for the Earth as the masters you are.  Worldwide changes are being documented in Light Records.  You are preparing the way for many new souls to benefit from a life on Ascended Earth.
It’s your choice NOW, as it has always been.  You can move forward and take on the challenge to play your part in this metamorphosis.  Or you can weather the effects of your opposition.  The impetus and positioning of the Earth within the Universe is poised to take along all those who choose Love.  It’s that simple.  The time is NOW.